We Prayer is not only an all-in-one prayer journal app that assists your walk with God, but you can also use it to connect with other prayers around the world. Likewise churches can utilize it to help their prayer ministry. We Prayers is the first mobile app in the market that is dedicated to providing all these features together.

As people of faith, we often make prayer requests of God for ourselves, families and others. We Prayers solves the following difficulties often associated with praying.

  • Our busy lives sometimes make it difficult to remember all our prayers.
  • We forget many prayers that have been answered by God and don't have time or a simple way to count these blessings from God.
  • Sharing our prayers with thousands of people in the praying community beyond those few we personally know.

We Prayers was created to serve as a:

  • Personal prayer organizer.
  • Church prayer ministry tool.
  • Worldwide Christian prayer networking community for people to connect with others and pray for each other.

Please download our full-feature free iPhone app and share it with your friends. Your feedback and support is important and we'd like to hear from you to continue to improve our product. We hope our app can help you to strengthen and deepen your relationship with God.